Daniele Midi

dmidi Position PhD student
Email dmidi@purdue.edu
Office LWSN 2161#7
Website http://danielemidi.com
Twitter @danielemidi

Research Interests & Expertise

My current research interest focuses onĀ privacy and security techniques for mobile devices and sensor networks.

Select projects

Security techniques for Distributed Systems and Sensor Networks

Design of fine-grained analysis techniques to detect the causes of packet losses (whether malicious nodes or wireless interference) and of automated Intrusion Response Systems. Implementation in TinyOS and testing through simulation and TelosB motes testbeds.

Privacy techniques for Mobile Devices

Design and implementation of IdentiDroid, a customized Android operating system to enforce application-level anonymity. Customization of the Android OS and extensive testing and validation on emulator and real devices.

Programming Languages Security

Design and extension of cryptographic integrity techniques for the authentication of objects in OO languages. Implementation and testing of the integration of these techniques as language features for Java, under different models.

Other areas of interest and expertise:

Web development and Cloud Computing, Graphic design & Typography, innovation, startups and entrepreneurship, music.