Lorenzo Bossi

Lorenzo Bossi Position Post Doc
Email lbossi@purdue.edu
Office LWSN 2142N
Website http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~lbossi/
Twitter @Lorentz83

Research Interests & Expertise

At the very beginning of my study I worked a little on cryptographic protocols. Later on, during the beginning of my PhD, I worked on data and schema evolution. At the end of my PhD I moved to reputation and recommendation systems. Now I moved my research on database security.

Select projects

During the begin of my PhD, I had the goal to develop a wiki software for semi-structured data. The idea was that every page should adhere (maybe in a loose way) to a template. The system had to react on a template edit performing some basic changes on the pages trying to keep them valid. We actually created a simple prototype that used IBM DB2 to store the data in xml files using XQuery as primary query language. The tool was never released mainly because the project was abandoned after realizing that the current technology didn’t let us to create a tool fast enough to guarantee a good user experience.

In the “Reputation system” phase of my research, I worked mainly to understand how to automatically evaluate the users’ reputation in on-line community and how such a reputation can be used to evaluate the users’ generated content. I worked mainly using the Wikipedia dump to analyze the behavior of a big on-line community.